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Shout-out!: Power Struggle

Another act that was awesome enough to perform at “Hip Hop for Justice” last Tuesday was Power Struggle, made up of emcee Nomi and producers Mister REY and Fatgums.  Power Struggle started in 2005 with Nomi and DJ Deetalx, who were both members of the former Minnesota rap crew Oddjobs.   Since releasing “Arson at the Petting Factory”  in 2006 and “Hearts and Minds” in 2008,  Power Struggle has moved on without Deetalx but continues to have a voice in Bay Area hip hop.  Nomi’s lyrics are conscious, aimed toward fighting injustices, and often channel his unique journey through Minneapolis, New York, the Phillipines and San Francisco.  As a group, Power Struggle “intends to represent the people who live under the fingernails of society, yet celebrate life with every breath.”  They are signed to Long Beach label Beatrock Music and have just released a new album, “Remittances”, this past summer.  Check out their music and look out for future performances!


Here’s a review of their latest album + clips


October 5th: Hip Hop for Justice feat. BRWN BFLO, Do Dat, Mandeep, Power Struggle and more!

Check out Hip Hop for Justice, our first big event for the Fall semester, on Tuesday Oct 5h 7-10 pm in 2nd floor MLK at the Multi Culural Center. Organized by Students 4 Hip Hop @ UC Berkeley and sponsored by the Ethnic Studies 5th Account, this event is a celebration of music, poetry and dance in remembrance of Oscar Grant. This event is happening in solidarity with the October 7th Day of Action and will feature speeches and information from local organizers about how you can get active in your community. Admission and food is free and open to everybody.

Also features Cop Watch (an informational service on how to know your rights) and a performance from UC Berkeley dance troupe Berzerkeley

See ya there and spread the word!

RSVP here:  http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=153553938012424