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YAKfilms: SF based B-boy Documentarians

In the essence of our upcoming “Rock The Block: The Bay” I thought I’d school you on some local talent.

Late last year, on one of my regular youtube missions, I dug up the YAKfilms youtube page. The guys over at YAKfilms seem to be a San Francisco/Bay Area based group. They have quality videos (most coming in with HD support) and solid editing skills (check out the soundtrack/movement sync). What really caught my eye was the sheer amount of videos pertaining to their muse: is the ever evolving B-boy.

YAKfilms take it from breaking to krumping to popping to turfing. A lot of their best films capture world-class two-on-two battles (like the one featured at the end of this post) and other national battles. A lot of others just follow B-boys doing their thing around the city.

The dancing is great. The music never lets down. You’ve probably seen me post a thing or two from them on the S4HH facebook page if you’ve been keeping up.

May I present, YAKfilms.