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17th Annual Hip Hop In the Park

As summer approaches and the beats keep rolling in Students for Hip Hop invites you to embark on a vibrational journey as we showcase the best in hip hop culture at our 17th annual Hip Hop in the Park on May 4th.

This years line up is one of the most diverse to date. Headlining this event will be “Detroit’s best kept secret,” Elzhi, a former member of Slum Village. This rapper worked with the legendary J Dilla so you know he won’t disappoint. Female MC extraordinary Aisha Fukushima will be bringing her Raptavism rhetoric to the table in an intelligent yet body bouncing fashion. Ensemble Mik Nawooj is the epitome of high-end orchestrated hip-hop merging classical, jazz, and hip hop music to deliver a one-of a kind performance unseen at many shows. Hoodini, Rico Pabon, and Nu Dekades will be bringing cultural diversity to the line-up and will further the goal of this event in terms of bridging the gap between all communities. G-Jones, a young producer who hails from Santa Cruz will keep listeners intrigued through his one of a kind instrumental/experimental/trap beats. Tying everything together will be our humble host, Gigio, and to open the event Ryse Youth Center will represent the Bay Area with some youthful swag.

As always our yearly hip-hop festival will take place in People’s Park and will bring the UC Berkeley and the entire Bay area Hip-hop community together to enjoy live music, graffiti art, dancing, and djing.

Here are an article and a video about our event last year:

It’s gunna be off the hook and the best part about it is its FREE!
Day: May 4th
Time: noon to 5
Place: People’s Park, between Dwight and Haste off of Telegraph Ave

Lineup: Our headliner this year is Elzhi!
Ensemble Mik Nawooj
Aisha Fukushima
Nu Dekades
Ryse Youth Center ft Rico Pabon
and is hosted by Gigio.
Koo C of Zulu Nation will be DJing the main stage.

We also have a dance cypher with DJ O Aces. Any dancer is welcome to join in the cypher.

And as always, we have our live graffiti art set up all day on the grass.

Come through for a family friendly, fun hip-hop event the weekend after classes end! Theres no better way to de-yellowfinalehhipwborderstress!!!

Berkeley Student Cooperative:
Residence Hall Association
Student Opportunity Fund
Ethnic Studies 5th Account
SF Chapter Zulu Nation
Multicultural Community Fund

First meeting of spring semester 2013

First meeting of spring semester is NEXT WEDNESDAY, Jan 30th at 7-8 PM in 50 Barrows. Stop by all those who are interested in getting involved with our many workshops, hip hop events, and Hip Hop in the Park!!


First Meeting of the Year!

Hey everyone, our first meeting of the year is THIS WEDNESDAY at 7 in 253 Dwinelle, and our first show is a collaborative event with CalSLAM this THURSDAY in 60 Evans at 8 pm!

Earl Sweatshirt revving up for full-lengths

Earl Sweatshirt revving up for full-lengths

After disappointing fans on his last two verses, we see a return to earl’s post-Samoa abstract and assonant style in this new joint with Flying Lotus. But as people are losing interest in his often difficult to understand and sometimes repetitive flow, will he be able to live up to the hype on his full-length releases?