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MidWeek Mixes: DJ Matthew Africa – The Best of DJ Quik

For those in the East Bay who don’t know, Matthew Africa is the man. Not only has he left a legacy of great hip-hop, funk and soul music as a DJ at KALX Berkeley which I am graciously trying to follow, but for the past couple years, he has been running a fantastic blog, doing distinguished DJ appearance around the Bay Area and making amazing podcasts/mixes for us all to enjoy.

Since I was too busy last week to put up any mixes, I wanted to make up for it by posting a couple of Matthew Africa’s up on the site. Today, I want to share with you his tribute to “one of the most underrated major artists in rap music”, DJ Quik. Whether or not you agree with his sometimes vulgar or misogynistic rap lyrics, you gotta give props to Quik’s production style and to his contributions to West Coast hip hop culture as it was coming of age in the 1990s. The best thing is that it is free for download!! Check out a more in-depth description on Matthew Africa’s site.

1. America’z Most Complete Artist
2. Sweet Black Pussy
3. Loked Out Hood
4. Get At Me
5. Down, Down, Down feat. Suga Free
6. Tonite
7. Pitch In On A Party
8. I Don’t Wanna Party wit U
9. We Still Party
10. Let’s Get Down (Tony Toni Toné)
11. Let Me Know (Hi-C)
12. Up ‘N Da Club (2nd II None)
13. Hand In Hand
14. Black Mercedes feat. Nate Dogg
15. Do I Love Her? feat. Suga Free
16. Don’t Walk Away feat. Suga Free
17. Safe + Sound
18. You’z A Ganxta
19. Dollaz + Sense
20. U Ain’t Fresh! feat. Erick Sermon
21. Til Jesus Comes
22. Tha Truth Is… (Mausberg)
23. Trouble RMX
24. Jus Lyke Compton
25. Trust No Bitch (Penthouse Players Clique)
26. Born & Raised In Compton
27. Summer Breeze
28. So Many Wayz
29. 50 Ways feat. Wanya Morris of Boyz II Men
30. Speed
31. Sex Crymee
32. Ni**az Still Trippin’ feat. Hi-C
33. Smoke II Much (Fixxers)
34. So Good (Fixxers)
35. Can You Work Wit Dat (Fixxers)
36. I Got That Feelin’
37. Me Wanna Rip Your Girl
38. Chocolate Lover feat. Sexy Leroy & the Chocolate Lovelitez
39. One On 1 feat. El DeBarge

Download HERE

MidWeek Mixes: DJ Joe Quixx – “Heavy Duty Volume 1”


For this Wednesday’s installment, here’s a classic all vinyl mix from 2005 by DJ Joe Quixx of the Oakland Faders. 38 minutes of happiness!  There is no tracklist but there are some hints from podomatic: Choice cuts of hard to find bangers from the likes of M.F. Doom, Insight, J-Dilla, Kanye West, and Madlib plus an exclusive Joe Quixx 2005 remix of the classic Mobb Deep anthem “Shook Ones Pt. 1”

Props to Fader Nation!


MidWeek Mixes: DJ Ion the Prize – “Blastin’ The Past: 1985”

This is the first in (what I hope will be) a weekly series where I share hip hop mixes by me and many different DJs as well.  Today happens to be my 25th birthday, and I realized that I had very little knowledge of all the hip hop that came out the year I was born, 1985.  It was a very different time, but a very crucial year in hip-hop culture.  This was the year that Krush Groove came  out, the year Doug E Fresh & Slick Rick released “The Show” and LL Cool J debuted with “Radio”, electro-hop acts like Egyptian Lover and World Class Wreckin Crew were playin’ everywhere, and little known acts like Salt n’ Pepa and Beastie Boys were just gettin recognized.  Enjoy this 70-minute single-file mix I made of hard-to-find records and some adventurous mash-ups with 1985 pop and R&B hits.

Download:  DJ Ion the Prize – Blastin\’ The Past: 1985


  1. Doug E. Fresh & The Get Fresh Crew – “The Show”
  2. Super Nature (Salt n’ Pepa) – “The Showstopper”
  3. Grandmixer D.St. – “The Home of Hip Hop”
  4. The Organization – “The Big Beat”
  5. Simple Minds vs. The Organization – “Don’t You Forget About The Big Beat” (Ion the Prize mashup)
  6. Kid Frost – “Terminator”
  7. The Boogie Boys – “A Fly Girl”
  8. Run DMC – “King of the Streets”
  9. NYC Cutter – “DJ Cuttin’”
  10. The B-Boys – “Girls”
  11. Whodini – “Big Mouth”
  12. Bobby Jimmy & The Critters – “Big Butt”
  13. MCA – “Drum Machine”
  14. Krush Groove Allstars – “Krush Groovin’”
  15. Mantronix – “The Album Mega-Mix”
  16. Beastie Boys – “Rock Hard”
  17. Schooly D – “PSK (What Does It Mean?)”
  18. LL Cool J – “Rock the Bells”
  19. Marley Marl feat. MC Shan – “Marley Marl Scratch”
  20. Death City Boyz – “Bopsey Twins”
  21. Double Dose – “We Got The Beat”
  22. Chaka Khan – “(Krush Groove) Can’t Stop The Street”
  23. Rock Master Scott & The Dynamic Three – “The Roof Is On Fire”
  24. New Edition – “My Secret (Didja Gitit Yet?)”
  25. Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam with Full Force – “I Wonder If I Take You Home”
  26. Freestyle – “Don’t Stop The Rock”
  27. Uncle Jamm’s Army – “Naughty Boy”
  28. World Class Wreckin’ Crew – “Juice”
  29. Egyptian Lover – “Planet E”
  30. Full Force – “Alice, I Want You Just For Me”
  31. Gigolo Tony & Lacey Lace – “Why You Get So High”
  32. Too $hort – “Girl (Cocaine) That’s Your Life”
  33. Toddy Tee – “Batteram”
  34. LL Cool J – “I Can’t Live Without My Radio”
  35. a-Ha vs. LL Cool J – “Take On My Radio” (Ion the Prize mashup)
  36. Doug E. Fresh & Slick Rick – “La-Di-Da-Di”
  37. Doug E. Fresh & Slick Rick – “La-Di-Da-Di (Sneakin’ In The Back Remix by Ion the Prize)”
  38. Kurtis Blow – “If I Ruled The World”

Download:  DJ Ion the Prize – Blastin\’ The Past: 1985