Bay Area Bump: Otayo Dubb

It has long been our opinion here at S4HH that people be cold sleepin’ on the bay.  Example A: Otayo Dubb, who has been grindin’ it out here in the yay.  Otayo Dubb recently released a mixtape, So Opinionated, which is a gem.  Check it out:

“Brought to you by Beatrock Music and mixed by TD Camp of Hella Records, So Opinionated by Otayo Dubb (Co-Deez) is more than your typical mixtape. This 14 track gem is rich with hard hitting original production that creates Tayo’s unique melodic sound. With writing that captures the voice of the Bay Area streets and storytelling that will make you fall back in love with Hip Hop, So Opinionated gets listeners in tune with ‘Tayo’s unique perspective. He is witty, talented in his gift of gab, and oh so opinionated.”

Watch for O’s debut solo album, slated to drop later this year on Beatrock Music.




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