Invincible Workshop last Friday

First of all, thanks to everyone who came out to hip-hop in the park yesterday!! I think everyone will agree when I say it was super dope! Also thanks to everyone who helped us out 🙂

Secondly, Invincible, who had a set right before Blue Scholars yesterday, led a great workshop on getting rid of misogyny and homophobia in hip-hop (and elsewhere) and sticking up for unheard voices a couple days ago. I just want to encourage everyone to check out these two websites which she told us about:

Some things we talked about in the workshop that I want to pass along are:
-we need to recruit more girls for s4hh!
-djs should bring mics to their events and give a blurb about the female or gay artists they play
-when anyone hears anyone putting forth any ideas that are misogynistic or homophobic, they should start discussions about it and make them question their views.
-share cds by dope female artists with your friends!


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