YAKfilms: SF based B-boy Documentarians

In the essence of our upcoming “Rock The Block: The Bay” I thought I’d school you on some local talent.

Late last year, on one of my regular youtube missions, I dug up the YAKfilms youtube page. The guys over at YAKfilms seem to be a San Francisco/Bay Area based group. They have quality videos (most coming in with HD support) and solid editing skills (check out the soundtrack/movement sync). What really caught my eye was the sheer amount of videos pertaining to their muse: is the ever evolving B-boy.

YAKfilms take it from breaking to krumping to popping to turfing. A lot of their best films capture world-class two-on-two battles (like the one featured at the end of this post) and other national battles. A lot of others just follow B-boys doing their thing around the city.

The dancing is great. The music never lets down. You’ve probably seen me post a thing or two from them on the S4HH facebook page if you’ve been keeping up.

May I present, YAKfilms.



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About Gabriel Cortez

Gabriel is a spoken word poet and teaching artist. His poetry has been featured on Upworthy and the Huffington Post and performed live in front of thousands in venues such as UC Berkeley’s Zellerbach Hall, the Nourse Auditorium, and the Oracle Arena. He is a co-founder of Write Home, a project working to challenge public perceptions of homelessness and shift critical resources to homeless youth through spoken word poetry. Gabriel is also a teaching artist for Youth Speaks, the leading presenter of youth spoken word performance and education in the nation, and a 2014 grant recipient from the National Association of Latino Arts and Cultures.

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