Mac Lethal

Incidentally, I first heard this guy when he opened for an Atmosphere show a couple years ago. Thought this would be pertinent because of the recent Overcast post..
He is on Atmosphere’s label Rhymesayers, which in my opinion has been putting out the best independent hip-hop recently..Brother Ali is also on this label. Ya’ll should check out everyone else on Rhymesayers as well.
Anyway, Mac Lethal is an MC from Kansas City, Missouri. As well as being signed on by Rhymesayers he has also started his own label called Blackclover, which is also worth checking out. His flow is mad crazy and his lyrics are edgy and original. The content of his music is a good mix of personal experience and political commentary. Also, he has a bit of a country music flare, often featuring harmonica underneath his raps, which surprisingly sounds super dope in my opinion. I really like this cd 11:11. Check out “Know it all” and “Calm Down Baby.”

01 Backward
02 Calm Down Baby
03 Rotten Apple Pie
04 Makeout Bandit
05 Pound That Beer
06 Jihad!
07 Crazy
08 Know It All
09 Sledgehammer
10 Die Slow
11 Lithium Lips
12 Tell Me Goodbye
13 Sun Storm
14 11 Out Of 10 (Bonus Track)

Download it here:


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