Battle of LA 3: New Year’s Eve

If you’re in LA, here’s another thing to look forward to before the year ends. Everybody’s favorite battle circuit, Grind Time: West Coast Division, is hosting what should turn out to be an epic night of MC battles.

Remember Jin who dominated BETs 106 & Park’s Freestyle Fridays back in the day? He’s coming out of retirement to try and hang with one of the illest Battle MCs around. Thursday, Jin will be battling two-time WRC and Scribble Jam champion (the youngest ever at 18), Illmaculate, who’s coming off a victory to former partner and two-time WRC champion, TheSaurus (see part 1 of the video after the jump)

$20 at the door. I guarantee it’s money well spent.



About Gabriel Cortez

Gabriel is a spoken word poet and teaching artist. His poetry has been featured on Upworthy and the Huffington Post and performed live in front of thousands in venues such as UC Berkeley’s Zellerbach Hall, the Nourse Auditorium, and the Oracle Arena. He is a co-founder of Write Home, a project working to challenge public perceptions of homelessness and shift critical resources to homeless youth through spoken word poetry. Gabriel is also a teaching artist for Youth Speaks, the leading presenter of youth spoken word performance and education in the nation, and a 2014 grant recipient from the National Association of Latino Arts and Cultures.

One response to “Battle of LA 3: New Year’s Eve”

  1. dancergrlbecca says :

    damn, wish I was in LA for this! :/
    tell me how it is!

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