A Delicious Interview between Krs-One…and Hannity..



4 responses to “A Delicious Interview between Krs-One…and Hannity..”

  1. gabbyzuko says :

    Sly Fox

  2. dancergrlbecca says :

    this makes Fox/Hannity look SO racist and ignorant..

  3. Danny D says :

    “People say I contradict myself because I come gangsta and teach at the same time. I don’t want to be too much on either side, but I do want to speak to all audiences. It’s been a hard balance to maintain, but I’m still here.”(KRS-One, Ego Trip November 1995)

  4. seam says :

    Typical white-suits trying to use lyrics against the writer(rapper). What about the writer’s of movies like KRS-One stated? Godfather 1, 2, or 3. What about all the other gangster movies? It’s all a story, but people like Hannity will NEVER understand the language of rap, or how it is used.

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