In procrastination for studying for finals, I decided to download this some shit by this artist my friend had recommended to me named Macklemore. I was pretty impressed with this cd…the songs really hit close to heart for me. His song “White Privelege” takes a serious note, as he comments on his feelings about race in hip-hop. But he also comments on funny stuff like in “Fake Id,” where he talks about his experience trying to get into clubs as an underage MC. The song “B-boy” also shows his passion for Old-School hip-hop culture..this guy knows his shit. This cd has a lot of tracks on it, and all of them are pretty legit. Let it bump while studying or something.. xP

01. Intro
02. White Privelege
03. B-Boy
04. Claiming the City
05. Fake Id
06. Gold your Head up
07. Ego
08. Inhale deep
09. Bush song
10. Good for you
11. I said Hey
12. Penis Song
13. The magic
14. City don’t sleep
15. Love Song
16. Remember high shool
17. Contradiction
18. Soldiers
19. As soon as I wake up
20. My language

Here’s a youtube video of White Privilege:

You can download the cd, The Language of My World, here:


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