Fuzz and Mac

Hip Hop comes from the strangest places in the most special formats. I was crawling the web for some new joints and stumbled on an unknown duo known as Fuzz & Mac, and my good friend, they are worth a listen.

The production of the EP is wonderfully jazzy, and the smooth voice of McClain Sullivan perfectly compliments the lyrical talent of Fuzz Jaxx. The EP is composed of seven tracks, such as “In the Evening” and “Malibu,” all of which are solid. They range from McCLain exclaiming, “Here comes a new sensation…It’s time to get down,” in “You Got It” to Fuzz  melancholy describing, “So I came home to find out she had packed/She jerked around my heart around, yo/ I felt jacked,”  in “The Things I love You For.”

Listen to some of the tracks here.

You can download the EP here from Zshare.


– Gufy


One response to “Fuzz and Mac”

  1. pranil says :

    been listening to this for the past few days, “you got it” “in the evening” and “thankyou” are my favorites

    gotta love that jazzy stuff

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