Hip Hop in the Park Re-Cap


This is 2 months past due, but we’re posting pictures and videos from Hip Hop in the Park, which was held on Saturday, May 2nd, 2009.   This year marked the 13th annual HHitP.  Every year S4HH at UC Berkeley plans, organizes, books, promotes, the free, all ages Hip-Hop in the Park concert at People’s Park in Berkeley, CA.

This year, Ruby Veridiano-Ching hosted the show, while Blu & Exile, Bambu, Bayliens, Bayonics, J – Boogie, Rising Asterisk, and Da Magic Foolbus rocked the stage.  The ciphers, breakers, graf artists, and hip-hop heads were in full effect.  Wild 94.9, 106 KMEL, and Verse Sneaker Boutique all came out to show love.

We’ve included a video that includes a series of clips from all the acts below.  Hit the jump for pictures (Shoutout to Adia, Nivay, Danielle, & Adam).  Or visit the fam at 2DopeBoyz for videos Blu & Exile performing


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