We’re Back!!

What’s good world?

We apologize for the year-long hiatus, but we’re back on our e-hustle and we’re glad to say that the S4HH website and blog has returned.  During an era where many people frequently visit Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, blogs, and other web 2.0 technologies, our lack of internet presence has been unacceptable.  However, we’ve rallied some of S4HH’s internet soldiers and we’re determined to keep the people updated.

That said, you can expect to see more activity and posts as we move forward. We want to use this as a space to keep people up to date with events and projects we’re affiliated with or going down at UC Berkeley’s campus and in greater Bay Area.  Additionally, we plan on doing an occasional album review, dropping knowledge, writing a journalistic piece, posting graffiti, and blogging about anything and everything that’s interesting and mildly related to hip-hop.

If you’re an artist interested in connecting with us for future performances and events, get at us at studentsforhiphop@gmail.com.  And if you’re a blogger or if you’re simply interested in what we’re doing, we’re always looking to network and politic, so please get at us.

We’re Audi 5000.


One response to “We’re Back!!”

  1. pranil says :

    yeeeyee good job on revamping the blog!

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