Hip Hop in the Park 2008

Sup ya’ll.

Our annual Hip Hop in the Park festival is coming up and it’s gonna be real dope. If you don’t know what it is, Hip Hop in the Park (HHitP, so I don’t have to keep typing out the long name) is a yearly festival that Students for Hip Hop @ Cal throws in peoples park. We get some DOPE artists coming to preform, as well as stylin’ bboys on our open linoleum floor and amazing graff artists doing some pieces as well.

This year looks to be a bangin’ event so ya’ll should come check it out. The lineup is (click name to link to myspace):

FCC Hip-Hop Workshop



Apakalips and Overflow with DJ Deuce Ace

Brown Buffalo Project

Kiwi (of Native Guns) and Geologic (of Blue Scholars)

…and our headliners:


Clyde Carson

We’ll also have clubs and orgs tabling at the event! So come out for some HIP HOP ya’ll!

Peace, love, and soul ya’ll
See ya’ll there


One response to “Hip Hop in the Park 2008”

  1. kahlil says :

    Glad to see students for hip hop is making it happen again. Looks like a great line up. I would like to get in touch with the current leadership and work on creating some type of photo book/ display that shows pictures of hip hop in the park throughout the years.. please do hit me back. kahliljf@yahoo.com

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