Update on Hiphop in the Park

What’s up yall,

Hiphop  in the Park has been setup for May 5, and unfortunately, there’s no time left for anyone who still wants to get on the bill.  I’m talking primarily to those people who posted various comments on the page asking if they could rock the crowd.  Keep in contact with us though, because there will be future events.  We’re still looking for breakers and writers, and besides that, we’re always looking for people who want to add articles to the website, outreach programs, and other things goin’ on Hiphop related in the Bay.  I added our official email next to the title on the top of the page.


2 responses to “Update on Hiphop in the Park”

  1. true bay head says :

    Yo this shit just keeps getting weaker and weaker, Jern eye and Murs thats good but fuck yall have no taste shits gonna be boring again, ya need to keep ya ear to the streets

  2. calhiphop says :

    looks damn strong to me. Why don’t you drop the knowledge about what’s so ill in the streets right now?

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